Please be careful of sudden starts.

Rules for using the Shimatabi Cycle

When the electric assist function is switched on, the assist function works when you step on the pedal.

Be aware that an unintended sudden start may lead to an unexpected traffic accident when starting or stopping.

Be sure to turn on the switch with both feet on the ground!

When starting, choose a safe place such as flat and non-slip, straddle the bicycle, put both feet on the ground, switch on the electric assist function, and then step on the pedals.

“Kenken riding” is dangerous!

Never put one foot on the pedal and step on it to accelerate, so-called “Kenken Riding”, which may cause a sudden start or acceleration in an unstable state and may cause a fall.

Pay attention to sudden acceleration and running speed

The feature of electrically power assisted bicycles is that they accelerate in a short time (short distance) from the start of movement, and it is easy to get speed. Adjust the pedal depression to prevent sudden acceleration, and be careful not to overspeed while driving.

When stopped, do not put your foot on the pedals and be sure to apply the brakes.

There are also cases of accidents in which the pedal was placed with the electric assist function switched on while the vehicle was temporarily stopped at an intersection or stopped due to a traffic light, resulting in an unintended accidental start or sudden start. When stopped, do not put your feet on the pedals, put your feet on the ground, and be sure to apply both brakes to prevent accidental starting.

The feature is that the car body is heavy

Compared to ordinary bicycles, electrically power assisted bicycles have a heavier body and are less likely to make small turns, so they tend to lose balance and have a greater impact in the event of a fall or collision. 

Let’s enjoy the scenery of the island with a chill and feel the air.

While you enjoy the E-bike, please be sure to run on public roads.

We understand how fun it is and how much you want to go explore, but please promise to ride on the paved roads. There is a risk of flat tires.

Be sure to wear a helmet to protect your precious head.